The Complete Guide to BPMN 2.0 using

Bizagi Process Modeler

Why Use Bizagi Process Modeler?

  • Free to Use: More than 1000 people download Bizagi Process Modeler every day. Bizagi offers a free version of its Process Modeler, making it a cost-effective choice for students and professionals looking to learn without significant financial investment.

  • Standardized Notation: The tool fully supports BPMN 2.0 standards, ensuring that students learn industry-recognized process modeling techniques that are applicable throughout the world.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: With Bizagi, students can collaborate in real-time, sharing models with colleagues and stakeholders, which promotes better communication and team alignment..

  • Cloud integration: Bizagi Process Modeler offers cloud storage options, enabling easy access to models from anywhere and facilitating remote work and collaboration

  • Drag and Drop Functionality: Bizagi's drag-and-drop feature simplifies the process of creating and modifying business process diagrams, making the learning process smoother and more efficient.

  • Extensive Documentation and Tutorials: Bizagi provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and community support, which helps students quickly get up to speed and troubleshoot any issues.

  • Real World Integration: The skills learned using Bizagi Process Modeler are directly applicable in various industries, enhancing career prospects and practical understanding of business process management.

  • Professional Presentation: The tool allows for the creation of professional and visually appealing process diagrams, which are essential for presenting to stakeholders and gaining buy-in for process changes.

  • Performance Analytics: Bizagi offers features to analyze process performance, helping students learn how to measure efficiency and effectiveness, which is crucial for continuous improvement in business processes.

  • Compliance and Standardization: Using Bizagi Process Modeler helps ensure that business processes comply with industry standards and regulations, which is an important aspect of business analysis.

Sample Lectures

BPMN 2.0 with Bizagi Course Overview

BPMN with Bizagi

Course Overview


Who Should Take this Course?

Suitable for anyone currently using or new to business process modelling.

This course has more than 20 lectures which have been designed to bring you step by step through all aspects of Business Process Modelling Notation 2.0.


Learn by Example

Clear examples are used to illustrate the use of all elements of the notation, together with a series of practice assignments which help to establish your personal confidence in the use of the BPMN standard and in the use of Bizagi Process Modeler as the modelling tool of choice.


Course Introduction

Starting with an overview of the main elements of the BPMN 2.0 standard,

The course explains how to use Activities, Gateways, Events and Sequence Flows to illustrate common business situations you may encounter.


Further Understanding

The use of each of these constructs is then expanded in individual lectures devoted to the techniques which can be applied to their use.


Learn Advanced Techniques

The course then explores the more complex use of iterations, multi instance activities, compensations, transactions and error handling techniques in BPMN to manage complex processes.


Gain Expertise

Complete with a comprehensive series of exercises and solutions, you will be able to follow along with the course creator as you work through each concept and the apply and test your new knowledge and skills in BPMN.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Course Introduction

Course Introduction [Preview Available Above]

Bizagi Process Modeler Essential Techniques

Getting Started with Bizagi Process Modeler
Exploring the Canvas
The BPMN Shapes Palette
More on the software Interface and the BPMN templates
Selecting and Moving Shapes
Static versus Dynamic Connections
Adding Backgrounds and Watermarks to your Diagrams.

BPMN - The Essential Techniques

Key Elements of BPMN - Part I
Process Tokens
Key Elements of BPMN - Part II
BPMN 2.0 Diagram Validation
Conclusion to BPMN - The Essential Techniques

BPMN - Moving Beyond the Basics

Pools and Lanes - Modelling Process Responsibility
Default Gateway Paths
Inclusive Gateways Part I
Inclusive Gateways Part II
Parallel Gateways and Concurrency
Complex Gateways

BPMN - All About Activities

All About Activities (Part 1)
All About Activities (Part 2)
Sub Processes Part 1
Sub Processes Part 2
Sub Processes Part 3

BPMN - All About Events

Introduction to Events
Advanced Events

End Events
Handling Exceptions with Boundary Events

BPMN - Collaborations, Exceptions and Data

Message Flows (Collaboration)
Iteration and Looping
Data Objects in Process Modelling

BPMN - Compensation Activities and Events

Event Sub Processes and Compensation
Errors and Escalation

Course Assignments

In addition to the ongoing practice exercises included with each section of the course, two comprehensive optional assignments will provide you with an opportunity to explore your skills and receive one to one feedback on your efforts.

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion

Student Reviews

Student Review for BPMN 2.0 using Microsoft Visio Course
5 Star Review from BPMN 2.0 using Micosoft Visio student

This is exactly what I was looking for.

A set of Rules and Procedures for how to map Business Processes.

I despise the 'willy-nilly' nature of several other courses I've seen.

This one provides a language of it's own that is functional for creating and understanding process flows.

Highly Recommended

BPMN 2.0 logo for BPMN with Microsoft Visio Course
Student Review for BPMN 2.0 using Microsoft Visio Course
5 Star Review from BPMN 2.0 using Micosoft Visio student

Mr Murphy, I am extremely satisfied with the results. Your experience, education and knowledge is exactly what I received from a Professor that knows his audience and delivers the skills I can add to my arsenal.

This a very high level online class.

Thank you.

100% Satisfied

BPMN 2.0 logo for BPMN with Microsoft Visio Course
Student Reveiw for BPMN 2.0 using Microsoft Visio Course
5 Star Review from BPMN 2.0 using Micosoft Visio student

Excellent Course

Nicely delivered and every topic is Up to the Point.

I am learning BMPN for the first time and I could appreciate the beauty of the concept and the entire credit goes to the instructor

First Time Learner

BPMN 2.0 logo for BPMN with Microsoft Visio Course

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